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P.G Diploma in Guidance & Counseling and Counseling Practicum course will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday on 19-02-2019, 20-02-2019, 26-02-2019 and 27-02-2019new

All the candidates are hereby informed that the Backlog Examination Forms will be entertained upto 05.02.2019

B.A (Ist Yr.) & M.A (Prev.) Assignments for old enrolled students is uploaded.

It is hereby informed to all the newly admitted students in the session 2018-19 that all the desired students who want to change their subjects are required to submit an application regarding the subject change in CDE office from 03.10.2018 to 15.10.2018. No application will entertain after the given date.

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Centre For Distance Education
The Centre for Distance Education is an integral part of the University and an expression of the University\'s concern and commitment for spread of education in all strata of society and all parts of the country. An interesting observation is that the desire and demand for education exists in many sections but due to the fact that Colleges and Universities cannot accommodate beyond a particular limit, many cannot find admission. There is also a large section of society which is unable to participate in the normal stream of education due to occupational, financial or social constraints. All these persons can get an opportunity to derive the benefits of education through distance education .